This blog is dedicated to scribbles and production work of 'Scot and Paddy'
or dont
I aint your ma

mystery legs
First complete thing of ‘beach’ story boards. Until I learn how to do andrews colouring of backgrounds. 

Nothing Paddy likes more than disowning his own people. 

This is a jab towards Irish Americans who claim ancestry to a culture they know nothing about because it makes them feel less like a cheesecake. 

I wanna do more of these “dead to me” ones. Cause there is so many times in Irish history where Ireland just throws its hands up at America, like stop dropping my name in a means to distance itself from anything British. You can give me money but don’t look at me while you do it. 

Happy soon2be St Patricks day. 

Ker-Kick. Paddy getting fly kicked by god knows who. 
you’re my wife now.

you’re my wife now.

all i seem to do animate is sharks.

Theraputic Waves. First Try. Needs Work.

Chad style sketches
really crummy animation test for a shark, dont ask. 
a super creepy sketch by yours truly
character ref